Construction in Bali

TheFuture.Estate is a development company in Bali that builds residential properties including villas, townhouses and apartments. We carry out the entire project development process: from searching and acquiring a land plot to design, construction, marketing and sale of finished objects.

Our capabilities in construction in Bali

Creation of the concept of the project, architectural and engineering planning, selection of materials and obtaining the necessary from government agencies.
Attracting investments for the development of development projects and providing a yield of 30% per annum.
Search and purchase of land in Bali, taking into account the location. infrastructure. planned development of the area, competitive environment, market potential and profitability.
Carrying out geodetic works, preparing a land plot, building a foundation and load-bearing structures, finishing work, furnishing, landscaping.
Real estate market research, determination of competitive advantages and pricing. Create compelling photos, descriptions and sales. Sales through real estate agencies, investment funds and direct advertising on the Internet.

Our team

TheFuture.Estate command consists of:

  • A management company that determines the most profitable location for the construction of both investment projects and projects for private life away from people.
  • Architects who planned hundreds of properties in Bali.
  • A project team planning resources, timing and profitability from a development project.
  • Professional builders with many years of construction experience in Bali, building with earthquake resistance and climatic conditions in mind.
  • And finally, the marketing department, which performs the full range of services from packaging the object to sales.
What are we building now?

A new project - a complex of villas and townhouses Serenity in Ubud.

Location: Bali, Ubud area.

Property type - townhouses and villas

Number of villas - 2

Number of townhouses - 11


Land area for each townhouse - 120 m²

Townhouse building area - 132.7 m²

Townhouse retail price - 185 000 $ (1423 $ m²)

Project completion date - November 2024


Land area for each villa - 220 m²

Villas building area - 183.5 m²

The retail price of the villa - 306 000 $ (1 661 $ m²)

Project completion date - November 2024

View the progress of the Serenity project
Realize your development project in Bali and get profit from 30%