Architectural Bureau in Bali

Architectural bureau - designers, architects, architectural and technical supervision. Drawing up a budget.

Architectural Bureau in Bali

Our Architectural Bureau is engaged in the design and creation of architectural projects for villas, townhouses, and apartments.

  • Development of conceptual designs based on customer requirements and analysis of terrain conditions;
  • Development of working drawings and specifications that are necessary for the construction of buildings or structures;
  • Preparation of documentation for obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from government agencies;
  • Carrying out engineering work and coordinating the work of various specialists, including engineers, interior designers and other professionals.
  • Determination of necessary materials, budgets and terms of the project.
  • Construction control - architectural and technical supervision.

Architectural work is carried out on the basis of the master plan of the development company, taking into account the choice of location of the management company, which determines the profitability depending on the type of object, the number of bedrooms and other factors in a particular location.

Advantages of an architectural bureau
Why is it profitable to work with us?
Experience and reputation
Architectural office staff with many years of teaching experience at the Institute of Architecture and Design and with practical experience in creating architectural projects and construction in Bali.
Types of architectural projects
We carry out architectural projects, both in the modernized traditional style of materials such as wood and bamboo, and in the modern architectural style of concrete, glass and metal, using innovative designs and unique design solutions.
Over 10 years we have implemented more than 100 architectural projects for projects built by us, as well as for our clients.
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