(Real Estate) Investment Bali

Investments in the construction of Villas, townhouses and apartments for the purpose of selling on the primary market or renting out. Profitability from 30% per annum.
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(Real Estate) Investment Bali

Investment activity in real estate includes investing in real estate with a profit from the sale of real estate to secondary investors who earn from renting out or to end buyers.

Profitability of investment projects in Bali from 35% per annum for 1 - 2 years, depending on the type of real estate.

To ensure investment income, the entire cycle of work has been implemented:

1. The development company forms the concept of the project, taking into account the target audience, market prices, competitive environment, profitability in a particular location, the prospects of the area and many other factors.

2. Creation of a financial model based on previous experience, taking into account the concept of the project, competitors' prices and profitability for main and secondary investors.

3. Search for a land plot, checking its legitimacy, purchase and registration of a land plot.

4. Creation of an architectural project, coordination with government agencies, determination of estimates and construction time.

5. Construction work, furnishing and commissioning of the facility are underway.

6. In the course of construction works - objects are sold with the help of exclusive sales partners who are well aware of the Bali real estate market. Development projects have two target audiences - secondary investors who purchase real estate for the purpose of resale or leasing and end buyers.

7. During the sale, investors receive an investment income of 35% per annum in accordance with the financial plan, including taxes and transaction costs.

Benefits of investing in development company
Why is it profitable to work with us?
Planning and finance

Many years of experience in the field of real estate investment in Bali and in other countries of the world, detailed financial planning will allow us to guarantee a return of 30% per annum. The calculations include all expenses, government taxes and fees at all stages of the creation and sale of development projects, which ensures accurate planning of financial results.
Legal purity and safety

All transactions conducted with take place strictly within the framework of Indonesian law in close cooperation with local tax and municipal authorities, which ensures the legal purity of the transaction.

The presence of our own sales department and one of the largest Russian-speaking partner networks in the world (more than 10,000 agents) allows us to sell real estate created by a development company in the shortest possible time. The average rate of sales of a development project is 5 properties per month. Thus, an object of 20 units is sold on average within 4 months from the start of sales.
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