Land selection in Bali

Land selection in Bali

Land selection in Bali

The selection of land is carried out by our own team and partners of our company strictly on the basis of the master plan of the development company, taking into account the recommendations of the management company and the architectural bureau.

  1. Choosing a location based on proximity to beaches, shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and more

2. Mandatory takes into account the market value of the land and the prospective profitability, taking into account the development of the region.

3. An analysis of climatic conditions, geography, topography and soil surface on the ground is carried out in order to find suitable land for the construction of a particular project.

4. Legal verification of the legitimacy of the transaction - the purpose of the land, the possibility of construction, summing up communications and roads.

Benefits of choosing land with us
Why is it profitable to work with us?
Data and analytics
For land selection, we primarily use analytical data from management companies that provide detailed information on traffic, rental yields, land values, m2 of new buildings and finished properties in Bali. Secondly, we monitor the cost of land in all areas of Bali. And finally, we determine the most promising plots of land in terms of profitability from the construction, leasing and sale of real estate objects on them.
Direct links with land owners
We establish direct relations with land owners - this allows us to get the best price, excellent conditions for payment stages and legal clarity.
For 10 years of work, the villas, townhouses and apartments built by us can be seen in the best locations in Bali - in Canggu, Semenyak, Sanur, Uluwatu, Ubud and Bingin.

Geological and topological studies

Total station, Theodolite, Level
Total station, Theodolite, Level

We carry out detailed geological and topological studies:

Geological research:

  • Collection of data on soils, groundwater and seismic activity.
  • Drilling wells and sampling for laboratory analysis.

Topographical studies:

  • Geodetic survey of the site.
  • Defining the boundaries of the site with the help of the national land agency (BPN - Badan Pertanahan Nasional) with the determination of property rights.
  • Determination of the relief and existing objects on the site.
  • Creation of topographic plans.
Land selection in Bali