Construction experience in Bali

Construction experience in Bali

For 5 years of construction in Bali, we have become contractors in the largest development projects in Bali and build - villa complexes, apartments, townhouses, hotels, shopping centers and restaurants.

Examples of our projects:

Villa Ungasan in Bali

Villa Ungasan is a private luxury villa with pool in Bali. The spacious swimming pool, surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants, is a real oasis of coolness. The pool is also perfect for fun evenings with friends or relaxing hours on an air mattress enjoying the sunshine.

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Villa Arta in Bali

Villa Arta is a unique villa in Bali inspired by authentic Balinese style. Every detail is created by architects and designers with love and care to immerse you in the atmosphere of local culture and traditions.

The architecture of the villa is inspired by the traditional Balinese style, characterized by its wooden elements, fine carvings and traditional covered pavilions.

Outdoor areas come together allowing you to enjoy scenic views of the tropical landscape.

Interior designer: Marsha

Interior Contractor: Cv. Astaloka

Year of construction: 2022

Plot area: 400 m²

Location: Buvit, Canggu

Building area: 450 m2

Function: villa for private use

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Villa Santi in Bali

Villa Santi is a journey into the world of tradition, harmony and beauty. The real spirit of Bali is felt here and all the amenities of modern comfort are created.

The spacious kitchen and dining area are equipped with everything you need for cooking and comfortable pastime with family or friends.

Architect: Trisandi Consultant

Interior Design: Trisandi Consultant

Contractor: CV astaloka

Interior contractor: CV astaloka

Plot area: 1450 m²

Building unit: Complex of 7 villas

Function: Private villa complex

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Villa Lambung in Bali

The Mediterranean style Royal Villa Lambung is the perfect place to balance luxury and nature, comfort and authenticity.

Spacious rooms with panoramic windows provide magnificent views of the pool and the surrounding tropical landscape.

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Boutique hotel in Bali

Type of property - Boutique hotel

Location: Bali, Tegallalang District, at the temple of Sebatu.

Plot area - 4 Ara (4 acres)

Number of floors - 4

Number of apartments - 7

Rooms: living room, kitchen, reception area

Commissioned in 2022

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Restaurant (APE CLUB)

Type of property - Restaurant

Location - Bali, Jimbaran District

Plot area - 26 Ara (26 acres)

Construction area - 756 m2

Commissioned in 2023

Duration of construction 2022 - 2023

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Cosmetology center in Bali

Type of property - Cosmetology center

Location - Bali, Jimbaran District

Plot area - 930 m2

The area of ​​the object - 1 261 m2

Commissioned in 2022

Duration of construction 2021 - 2022

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Interior Designs in Bali

A selection of our interior designs for private and commercial villas, shops and supermarkets

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Presentation of the complex of townhouses Serenity.
O. Bali. Ubud area.
Presentation of townhouses Serenity in ubud. Bali.
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