Construction company Bali

Construction company in Bali

Construction company in Bali construction company in Bali carries out the full range of work, from the design of villas, townhouses and apartments to the commissioning of the facility.

1. Cost Estimation of work, including calculations for materials, equipment, labor costs and other expenses.

2. Site preparation for construction, including surveying, earthworks and land leveling.

3. Install foundations, including strip, pile, block and other types of foundations.

4. Construction of the frame of buildings, including the use of various materials such as reinforced concrete, brick, wood, steel and others.

5. Electrical work - installation of electrical wiring, electrical equipment, lighting systems.

6. Plumbing works - water supply, sewerage systems, construction and adjustment of swimming pools and other engineering systems.

7. Finishing work - including waterproofing, installation of floor coverings, windows, doors, installation of air conditioning systems, etc.

8. Furnishing of all premises including kitchen equipment.

9. Final works - testing and testing of engineering systems, installation of equipment and security systems, cleaning and delivery of the facility to the customer.

Construction work in Bali is carried out on the basis of the order of the master plan of the development company according to the architectural plan of the architectural bureau.

Benefits of a construction in Bali

Why is it profitable to work with us?

Experience and reputation

5 years construction experience in Bali and Indonesia. All projects are completed on time and according to the planned budget.

Project management

We formulate the goals and requirements for the project project, analyze possible risks, determine the scope of work, develop a work schedule, draw up a budget, determine the roles and responsibilities, implement the project on time and provide reporting.


We specialize in the construction of residential complexes of villas and apartments in Bali in close cooperation with management companies - this allows us to build the most client-oriented properties.

Our features in Bali construction:

Design and architecture

Creation of the concept of the project, architectural and engineering planning, selection of materials and obtaining the necessary from government agencies.

Investments and income

Attracting investments for the development of development projects and providing a yield of 30% per annum.

Land in Bali

Search and purchase of land in Bali, taking into account the location. infrastructure. planned development of the area, competitive environment, market potential and profitability.

Construction in Bali

Carrying out geodetic works, preparing a land plot, building a foundation and load-bearing structures, finishing work, furnishing, landscaping.

Marketing, sales and management

Real estate market research, determination of competitive advantages and pricing. Create compelling photos, descriptions and sales. Sales through real estate agencies, investment funds and direct advertising on the Internet.
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