Questions and answers about Bali

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What ensures the profitability of a development project in Bali?
The result of the development project in Bali is real estate in Bali, which is sold to secondary investors who want to receive income from the resale of real estate in Bali or leasing, as well as from the sale of real estate to end buyers.
Who buys land, builds, sells and manages real estate?
The whole range of services from the purchase of a plot of land, design, construction up to the sale is provided by and its partners.
Who owns the real estate until the investor receives dividends?
The land and real estate objects are owned by a joint company with an investor where the owner of the land is the investor.
What costs, taxes and fees do I need to pay in Bali?
The investment of $1,000,000 includes all land purchase and construction costs. The tax on the purchase of a land plot and the sale of a land plot and real estate is 10%, the notary fee is 1%. The tax on the withdrawal of dividends will be 10%, since the investor will be a co-founder and a tax resident of Indonesia. At the same time, the yield from 30% includes all expenses and taxes.
What is the return on investment in a development project?
Income from investments in a development project from 30% per annum
What are the deadlines for the implementation of a development project in Bali?
The term for the implementation of a development project in Bali from the moment of investment is 1 - 2 years, depending on the type of real estate. Villas and townhouses are built up to 1 year. Apartments up to 2 years.