Villa Arta

Cozy private villa on the picturesque island of Bali, where modern comfort is combined with a Balinese atmosphere.

Villa Arta

Villa Arta is a unique villa in Bali inspired by authentic Balinese style. Every detail is created by architects and designers with love and care to immerse you in the atmosphere of local culture and traditions.

The architecture of the villa is inspired by the traditional Balinese style, characterized by its wooden elements, fine carvings and traditional covered pavilions.

Outdoor areas come together allowing you to enjoy scenic views of the tropical landscape.

Interior designer: Marsha

Interior Contractor: Cv. Astaloka

Year of construction: 2022

Plot area: 400 m²

Location: Buvit, Canggu

Building area: 450 m2

Function: villa for private use